You Can Now Study with Award-Winning Teacher Frederick Schjang Online

Over the years, many people have asked Frederick Schjang to create an online presence so that they can study Feldenkrais® at home. It has finally happened! Whether you live in New York City, or other parts of the country, this is your chance to take lessons at your leisure and in the comfort of your own home. All you need is a mat, floor space, and computer or mobile listening device. Wear loose, comfortable clothing. Turn on the sound. And experience...magic.

Subscribers will receive at least one new Feldenkrais audio lesson every week, recorded live at the number-one-rated fitness and wellness facility in North America. In addition, you will have access to articles written by Frederick Schjang and early notification for upcoming Feldenkrais workshops and presentations.

Many people pay more than $200 in monthly membership fees to study in classes with Frederick, but you can do so at a fraction of the cost online.

Introductory Pricing:

Basic Online Program - $50 per month for 6 audio lessons that are ready for streaming or download on your mobile device and 1 written lesson.

This month's featured lessons include:

  1. The Pelvic Clock Variation

  2. Side Turning

  3. Pelvis Up and Down

  4. Hip/Shoulder Rotation

  5. Floating the Leg Off the Floor

  6. Moving Like Jelly

Online Program PLUS - $125 per month for 6 audio lessons, 1 written lesson, and 1 30-minute individual online private lesson with Frederick

Online Program PREMIUM - $225 per month for 6 audio lessons, 1 written lesson, and 1 60-minute individual in-person private lesson with Frederick *

*lesson given at a studio in Manhattan, NYC