Frederick Schjang makes the impossible possible, the possible easy, and the easy elegant.


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Sunday July 19, 2015

In Celebration of Bastille Day

Moshe in France: an Afternoon of ATM with Frederick Schjang

Details to follow!


Feldenkrais® Method and PilateSTRENGTH classes.

(note: there are no classes on Friday, July 3 because of the Independence Day Celebrations)


11:15 AM.   Equinox 92 street.  
Feldenkrais Method

6:30 PM. Equinox Sports Club NY
(Formerly Reebok Sports Club NY)
Pilates Fusion


 11:15 AM. Equinox Printing House. Hudson Leroy streets.
Feldenkrais Method

12:15 PM Equinox Printing House
Hudson Leroy streets


8:15 AM Equinox. 92 Street

 11:15 AM.  Equinox 92 Street.   
Feldenkrais Method


12:30 PM Equinox Chelsea


10:00 AM   Equinox 76 Street.
Feldenkrais Method

11:30 AM.   Equinox 76 Street

All Equinox classes require membership.

Also on Fridays

3:15 PM. SAGE LGBTQ  Senior Center offered free to the public. Everyone over 40 years old is invited.

Feldenkrais Method  (more gentle lessons geared towards the needs of elders)

My Story. My Practice.

Frederick Schjang is a nationally recognized Fitness educator and innovator who specializes in the Feldenkrais® Method, Pilates and Flexibility Training.

Schjang leads group classes, maintains a private practice and mentors other instructors in the field.  His annual Feldenkrais Festival has become a must-attend event for fitness enthusiasts.

Frederick Schjang sees students privately for Individualized sessions at the Feldenkrais Institute of New York by appointment only.

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Testimonials: How Working with Frederick has Impacted My Life.


What some students had to say about Frederick Schjang and his Feldenkrais Classes

The Method benefits people, no matter their background or their athletic ability. We all benefit from being able to move more effectively and elegantly in space.

My individual sessions with Frederick have been transformative.
— Jean R.
I’ve been studying with Frederick for about 2 posture is better. I feel like I have better control.
— Pat M.
Feldenkrais for me has been like truly magical.
— Rosiland G.
I was immobilized for 2 months after a fall. I was turning like a block. But then I came back to class, and I enjoy the movement of my body.
— Beatrice K.
Frederick is simply the best teacher in New York. Bar none.
— Yazmin R.
This class has transformed all aspects of my athletic life...
— Parker S.
I am an actor and tennis coach. I love Feldenkrias. It makes me more fluid and gets my joints where they need to be.
— Rolando C.
I just took Frederick’s class. He’s AWESOME!!!
— Iris C.
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my latest article in the Epoch times


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